A feature film
Writer: Rob George
Producers: Helen Leake and Rob George

Cocka revised

Jabez lusts after the decadence of Victorian London but after being seduced by the elusive Emily he is shocked to find sex, drugs and rock‘n roll in the colonial slums. But when Emily faces the gallows can he find it in himself to save her?

"Ten Quid Rockers"

by Maureen Sherlock
A feature film


Trapped in an alien country 12,000 miles from home in the UK, their family going into meltdown, teen twins Stephen and Kathleen Connolly find escape in rock music.  Marooned in the desolate landscape of Elizabeth in South Australia, they fill the vacuum by forming their own rock band.  It’s the sixties – anyone with a guitar can find three mates, two chords and a stage and call themselves a group – except if you’re a girl!   Stephen’s guitar becomes his ticket to freedom.  Kathleen has to find another way.

"God's Diary"

A stage play
by Maureen Sherlock


Steve J. Spears was one of Australia’s most successful writers who died eight years ago from an inoperable brain tumour at the age of 56. He was also our oldest friend from university days and godfather to our children. Because of his brain cancer he lost the use of the right side of his body and was unable to work on his final novel ‘God’s Diary’. He asked Maureen to help him finish it.

Steve had no living blood family (apart from a cousin he hated who was a religious fanatic) and it was his many friends who rallied to care for him. Despite Steve’s inevitable death, this period was an exhilarating time of hilarity, craziness, anger, sadness and love as his friends ensured Steve’s final months would be memorable .

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