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Written by Rob George
Produced by Jane Ballantyne and Rob George
Directed by Donald Crombie
Starring: Shimon Moore, Bryan Marshall, Chelsea Bruland and Elspeth Ballantyne.

SELKIE is a contemporary, fantasy adventure aimed at 8 – 14 year-olds. JAMIE McGREGOR, the hippest, coolest kid around – according to him! But just recently he’s started flipping out – literally! He’s turning into a seal!

Released in Australia by UIP and screened on Foxtel, Sky and most international territories.
85 minutes.

RK cover

Now out on DVD. Purchase here.

Written and produced by Rob George
Based on the novels "The River Kings" and "Conquest of the River" by Max Fatchen.
Directed by Donald Crombie
Starring: Tamblyn Lord, Bill Kerr, Maureen Sherlock, David Bradshaw and Willie Fennell.

The River Kings - a powerful family saga, set in the1920's against a stunning river landscape that sweeps through towering cliffs and vast tracts of red gums and willows.
Life on the Hofner farm has become intolerable - with an absent father and the imminent threat of drought, sixteen year old Shawn is forced to leave home and provide for his family.
Chasing a childhood dream, he takes a job on the steamboats that ply the river for trade. The unglamorous reality of this nomadic way of life provides a rude awakening for the naive country boy, and Shawn must draw on all his strength and resourcefulness in order to survive.

Screened on ABC, BBC and most international territories.

Fearless Cover

Written, Produced and Directed by Rob George and Mark Poole

At the age of 91, you’re expected to be planning a journey into the next life, not a trip to London to witness the world premiere of your play. Yet this is precisely what the remarkable Julia Britton does. Julia and collaborator Robert Chuter take Julia’s play, “Fresh Pleasures”, to a fringe theatre in Islington as part of a gay theatre festival. The play receives mixed reviews and is a financial disaster. But Julia is undeterred it's just one more chapter in a long and fascinating life.

Screened on Ovation and ABC 1 and ABC 2
54 minutes

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Trapped cover

Written, Produced and Directed by Rob George

Featuring: Angela Tat Mapial and Mary Nyibol Bath

Angelo and Mary’s struggles in Australia serve as background to what is a real-life thriller that Angelo experiences when he returns to Sudan. Angelo wants to visit relatives and assist his village, but his plan is thwarted by violence and war. He is trapped in a remote region of Sudan. The only way out is by plane, but there is only one flight a week and it’s expensive. Mary has to do what she can to help Angelo while also having to maintain the family and her 6 children back in Australia.

Screened on Channel 31
54 minutes

You can view the trailer here.

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